Edward Nygma Character Poster for Gotham (and ALL the rest too)

So we have seen the image with all the cast but these outstanding character posters have now been released.






Cory Michael Smith as Edward looks phenomenal and I am super excited to see him in the role, having spoken to him a few times I can tell you he is really passionate about the character and show and has really immersed himself in the characters back history and different previous incarnations.

Also word of note is I think EVERYONE looks great, I don’t think I would change the look of anyone, Catwoman and Penguin in particular are brilliant.

Anyway, here is Mr Nygma and the rest of the cast.

Gotham-Key-Art-Edward1Gotham-Key-Art-Bruce-Wayne Gotham-Key-Art-Bullock Gotham-Key-Art-Catwoman Gotham-Key-Art-Fish1 Gotham-Key-Art-Gordon Gotham-Key-Art-Ivy Gotham-Key-Art-Penguin

Also here’s the trailer again.

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